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Can your web host get you banned by Google? This Web Hosting Scam Kills Your Google Website Ranking and Maybe Even Your Business Along With It.

Web Hosting scams are nothing new, but having your Google website ranking plummet or the proverbial kiss of death for many websites, getting banned by Google altogether? All because your web hosting provider's marketing has run amok.

Ever experience having something of value stolen, a mugging or even something as insignificant as getting cheated at the drive thru window at McDonalds? Doesn't matter…you still feel violated, angry and vengeful. Imagine how you'd feel if you got fleeced by the company you trusted with your website…Your web host.

How does This Web Hosting Scam Work?

In a recent issue of Axandra's Free Newsletter, they discuused how some web hosting providers are changing the content of their client's web pages. When the page is requested in a search, the requested page is redirected to a page that the web hosting provider has changed for their own benefit. It usually contains links back to the web hosting provider's website or the websites of some of their other clients to increase their link popularity.

Only the search engine robots can see the changed pages because the web host captures the search before it ever reaches your website by cloaking the URL, dynamically creating false web pages and then serving them up as if they were the actual pages from the search engine ranking.

Why would my website be banned by Google?

One word…Cloaking. Google hates cloaking because a cloaked web page doesn't return the same information as the page that was in the search engine ranking. It's considered spam and it's like shooting yourself in the foot. Everybody with more than 3 brain cells and a legitimate website knows it's just not worth the risk. It doesn't matter how the cloaking occurs. When Google finds out about it, your website could be toast. Obviously your web host could care less about you as a customer if they're engaged in this activity.

Like many website owners, you put ridiculous amounts of time and effort into your website marketing by playing by the rules and following all the guidelines like optimizing and writing good content. You do this to ward off the search engine ranking and SPAM police or you pay out lots of hard earned cash to have someone do it for you.

Sometimes PPC is just too expensive, so you rely on organic Google website rankings for generating traffic. Achieving high search engine rankings is hard enough. There are already plenty of pitfalls like constantly changing ranking criteria. You need to worry about third party gremlins like your web hosting provider like you need a hole in your head.

How Can You Tell If You're A Victim

Go to Google and do a search that will return the pages you want to check for your website in their search engine rankings. Click on the "cached" copy of the web page. The copy you will see is the same one as the Googlebot sees. Carefully check the pages for unknown links. If the content of the page is different than the one you published and contains links to websites you were unaware of, there's a good chance your web host has changed them.

What should you do if you suspect your web pages have been changed?

Contact your web hosting company immediately and also notify Google of the problem. If you've proven that your web hosting provider has changed your web pages, get another web host ASAP. If you're the victim of this activity, you'll probably want some reassurances that your next hosting company is legit. Without reservation, we can tell you that Thinkhost is one of the most reputable players in the hosting industry.

They've recently added enormous disk, bandwidth and mailbox increases to their already competitive packages, while maintaining their low prices. Plus…I can assure you, nobody at Thinkhost will be messing with your web pages. Click on any of the links in the resource box below and find out how you can get special pricing that's only available when you sign-up through devNIC.

Yes, I want more information about THINKHOST, because I feel that honesty, integrity and trust are the most important benefits in a web hosting provider for my business hosting needs.

For my business hosting needs, the $400 in Free bonuses and the additional benefits that are only available to devNIC referred clients add even more value to satifying my need for a reliable web hosting provider.

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Internet Business Consultant
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