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How to Cut Your Website Expenses

If you could cut your website expenses, then you could effectively give yourself a pay raise. The problem is finding ways to cut your website expenses without sacrificing quality, customer service and incurring any additional costs. Read this article and we'll tell you how you'll be able to cut your website expenses with the help of the new ICANN domain name transfer policy changes and then tell you the steps you'll need to take start saving money today.

Here's the deal…ICANN is attempting to fix an ongoing problem. Domain name owners having their domains held hostage by registrars. It's not widely publicized because domain names occupy a black-hole in the online community. Ask your typical Internet user or website owner any questions about domain names and they'll look at you like you've got a basket of fruit on your head.

The new ICANN transfer policy changes address the needs of the domain name owners instead of contributing to the recurring income needs of registrars by requiring registrars to process the transfers when approved by the domain owners.

The fact of the matter is that domain names are one of the only areas of continued abuse to consumers that would not be tolerated anywhere else. Imagine the outcry if banks denied consumers to legally transfer their money to another bank.

We don't expect registrars to succumb to the new changes without kicking and screaming. There are rumblings about some aggressive registrars using a loophole in the changes to claim they are guarding against fraud even if no evidence of fraud exists.

Per ICANN policy, registrars cannot legally deny domain name transfers once the domain owner approves the transfer.

There is also misinformation about how the new rules will increase the likelihood of domain hijackings. It's not true. Simply lock your domains at your registrar and make sure that your contact information is accurate and up to date. Remember to white list incoming email from your registrar to receive any notices about your domain name.

So, how would you like to lower your website expenses and get a pay raise? It's easy; all you have to do is transfer your domain away from your high priced registrar. Your current registrar's fixed income doesn't have to be your fixed costs. By transferring your domains away from your current high priced registrar you can effectively lower your website expenses, especially if you've got multiple domain names. You might not be able to retire early because of it, but why throw money out the window?

Domain name transfers at devNIC are effectively FREE. When you pay $14.95, you get another year added to your expiration date. Renewal fees are what you'll have to pay anyway to renew your domain name for another year no matter where your domain name is currently being held.

For the most part, there are lots of good registrars to choose from, but there are also a lot of registrars that are either overpriced or providing shoddy customer service. Your job as a consumer is to use the free information available online to make a wise choice based on your needs. We even go so far as to recommend Go Daddy and Dotster as two alternatives. They will take you through a maze of up-selling as you go through their registration process, but they are safe bets for domain name registration.

Now that we've shed some light on how, where and why you've got a new opportunity to make your business more profitable by cutting your expenses; we'd like to tell how you will take advantage of this money saving tip right now. Just go to the instruction box below and follow the link to save money.

Yes…I want to lower my website expenses by transferring my domains away from my current higher priced registrar. Take me to your transfer page where I can transfer my domains to devNIC for $14.95 each and receive another year added to my expiration date. I understand that the transfer is FREE and the charge of $14.95 per domain will add one year to my current domain name expiration date.

Here's what a recent customer said about transferring to devNIC:

"After my old registrar hit me with a price increase for renewals on my domain names, I felt enough was enough and I decided to transfer to devNIC. Not only was I happy about the savings, but the transfer was flawless and I've since transferred all my other domains to devNIC too."   Zena Myall...ZeGirlsDolls.com

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