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How to make money buying expired domain names and get expired domain name traffic

Expired domain names and expired domain name traffic have been a hidden source of potential income ever since the dot com crash. The problem has been how to inexpensively get ahold of the automated tools required to keep up with the thousands of domain names and abandoned websites that drop off the registry and become available every single day.

Buying expired domain names and getting the expired domain name traffic that went along with it was only available to the lucky few who had an automated system and the tools to do it

That was then, this is now. Amazingly, now there are automated tools and resources available to identify, appraise and even buy these domain names on autopilot. We'll tell you where in a minute, but first, we're going to give you some info about expired domain names, expired domain name traffic, and where they come from.

Expired domain names are domain names that were previously registered to another owner. For more reasons than we have time to get into right now, these domain names become available to the open market because the domain name renewal fees were never paid. 45 days after the expiration date, domain names are returned to the open market.

Many domain names are registered for speculation, website development and many are even pointing to fully functioning websites. Speculators register names in hopes of turning a profit on the resale of the domain name.

Many other domain names are registered for website development, but never make their appearance online. In a lot of these cases, the domain name owner simply never follows through on the website development and they simply allow the names to expire.

Still there are many expired domain names with fully functioning websites that receive daily organic search engine traffic, along with visitors from incoming links and banner ads. The expired domain names that got this daily traffic can be a goldmine if you know how to monetize it by redirecting it to another website or marketing them with affiliate programs.

5 Quick Tips on How to Profit From Expired Domain Names & Expired Domain Name Traffic

1. Buy expired domain names for speculation - Obviously there isn't a large highly profitable market for reselling domain names any more, but any forward thinking speculators might keep there eyes open for developing technologies and trends. Technology and trends are constantly evolving. There are markets hovering under the radar screen right now that could explode within a short period of time. Find and register expiring domain names related to new trends, technology and markets and you could be sitting on some hefty profits.

2. Buy expiring domain names and redirect the targeted traffic to your websites - Pretty straight forward approach to getting some drive-by traffic on the cheap. Targeted keyword domain names can help you get traffic from people simply typing in that keyword rich domain name into the address bar and hitting enter. Do you sell cheap disposable tablecloths?...I bet somebody somewhere has tried to browse CheapDisposableTableclothes.com Why not drive that traffic to your website for just pennies a click?

3. Buy expired domain names and put up mini websites - With tools like easy website building software, third party payment processors, auto responders and tons of other applications…even a newbie can put mini-websites online with keyword rich domain names that will show up in the search engine rankings. You could build these websites using expired domain names to drive traffic to them or then sell the domain name and the developed website together as a value added commodity.

4. Buy expiring domain names of websites already online - Lots of expiring domain names are already actual functioning websites. The owners of these websites either forgot to renew their domains or simply stopped running the website. The great thing about finding some of these babies is the fact that many times these websites already have traffic from links to other websites, search engine rankings and even directory listings.

5. Buy expired domain names and use them to market affiliate programs - Affiliate programs are a great way to get yourself an online business without even having a product of your own. Affiliate marketers simply redirect traffic from their affiliate website to the website of the actual product or service and receive a commission or a fee if any of the redirected traffic results in any sales. Affiliate programs have evolved into a very automated turnkey solution for many entrepreneurs, especially newbies.

Find and register expired domain names that closely target the market of your affiliate programs. Then draw that targeted traffic into your website with that expired keyword rich domain name with content that satisfies their informational needs and then give them a good reason to continue onto the sales page of the product.

Where are the tools needed to find expired domain names?

Now that we've given you information on expired domain names, tips on how to get expired domain name traffic and ideas on how to profit from expired domain names, it's time to tell you where to get the tools required to find them.

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