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Reciprocal Links and Linking Tutorial...Free Link Popularity Checker

Reciprocal links and linking is an ever increasing and popular way to generate traffic and increase your Pagerank. The way you play the game is to trade links with other relevant (themed), high pagerank websites. This is also known as reciprocal linking.

The theory and practice of reciprocal links and linking is that search engines assign higher page rank and better search results to websites that link to other high ranking, popular and relevant sites. In other words, they like sites that link with other sites containing relevant content. The added bonus is that you can receive traffic from the linked sites and it's targeted because of the relevancy of your link partner's content.

Everything in the above statement is true, but there are nuances to reciprocal links and linking that we won't get into right now, including how to structure your links, where to place them on your site and the process for generating link partners.

This isn't part of this tutorial, but if you've gotta get that kinda info ASAP, there are plenty of sites with good content on this subject. We recommend Michael Bloch's award winning website, as an excellent resource. In the meantime here's a reciprocal linking quick tip.

Having lots of links on relevant websites even ones with high PR doesn't guarantee you'll receive much credit for that PR or even a ramp-up of traffic to your site. Let's explain this anomaly a little bit further. The transfer of PR benefit isn't related to the home page of the site you're linking to. The benefit, if there is any, comes from the PR of the site where the link is located. Here's the deal.

If you're linking to website and the page where your link is located has a PR of let's say 4. That might seem like a pretty good deal right?......Well, it might not be so good. If the PR is 4 and that page contains 40 links including yours. All 40 sites are now sharing that PR of 4. Your piece of the pie is pretty insignificant given the "bleed" that's created by the other 39 sites.

In addition, depending on where your reciprocal link is located on that page, it might not be the traffic generator you hoped it would be, especially if your link is placed more than halfway down your link partner's page. People just won't find it very often. On top of that, if the page on your site where you've placed their link has a high PR and a low number of link partners, you're transferring out more PR than you're bringing in. You're "bleeding" your PR.

The solution………Find reciprocal link partners that will place your link on pages with decent PR and less than 20 other link partners per page.

Free Link Popularity Checker

Use this free link popularity checker to find your current inbound links. It's the first step in building a link directory. Then get yourself reciprocal linking software like Arelis from Axandra to automate the process and remember to "Think Reciprocal Link."

See who links to your web site.

Rick Contrata

Copyright-2004 - This tutorial is free for reproduction and inclusion on your website provided that it's used in its entirety, includes the live links and this copyright statement. Please play by the rules.

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