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How To Make Anyone Smile Tutorial

How to make anyone smile is another installment of our series of How To Tutorials. In the 5 minutes that it takes for you to read this tutorial, you'll discover how to make anyone smile and show them your inner confidence and positive attitude.

What would you think if I told you you've got the power to make almost anyone smile anytime you want? Would you use it? Remember that pretty girl you saw in the elevator, that handsome guy at the gym or those clients you've met face to face? Think about the confidence you would have displayed if you made all of them give you a big smile. When a person smiles at you, they are open for your attention. A smile is the perfect icebreaker in almost any encounter.

This is so powerful, it's almost scary. The funny part is that you're probably using this power already and you don't even know it. Stay with me until the end of this tutorial and I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Your smile can even help your business :)

Are you sitting down? This is so simple and easy that you're not gonna to believe it until you try it for yourself. Ready?...When you approach another person make eye contact with your acquaintance say, "Hello," "Good morning," "Good evening," "How are ya?" or whatever, and smile. Yep, that's all you have to do. I guarantee you that they will return your smile almost 100% of the time.

Did you know that you're influencing people on a daily basis with your words, your appearance and your body language and that a simple thing like poor posture can have a negative influence on you? People have a built in defense mechanism that makes them wary of danger and skeptical about buying anything. How powerful would it be if you could trip their circuit breakers and motivate people to look at you positively and even buy from you? Let a world class marketer show you how to motivate people to take action and give you their money.

It doesn't matter if they're a total stranger or your best friend, a man or a woman, young or old, in a mall or on an interview. Give them a big smile and they will smile back. Maybe it's something built into our wiring as humans to return a smile, but when you give people a smile, your friendliness, positive attitude and confidence will show. I don't care if it's dating, public speaking or selling car insurance; when you're confident you won't be fumbling for the words to say or looking down at the floor when you should be making eye contact.

As Promised, Here's A Big Smile Tip For Your Business.

When you record your voicemail message for your business, put on a big smile during the recording. When you smile as you talk, you subconsciously sound friendly, upbeat and confident. Think about it, wouldn't it be better for your business if your clients heard a friendly confident voice instead of someone that sounded like they were dead and they didn't know it? You can use the same blurb you've always used, but record it with a smile and you won't sound like a stick in the mud. Go ahead…try it.

Since I've told you the power of a big smile, are you going to use it? Why not start today? Get out there and smile :

If you want more information on how the impression people have of you might have a negative influence on your business, then read our article: How to develop a lead generation system.

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Rick Contrata

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